After months of planning, development, and testing – we’re finally ready to bring AMZ Table Assistant to the public. It is now live on the Google Chrome store and can be downloaded here:

What is AMZ Table Assistant?

AMZ Table Assistant is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to automatically add Amazon ASIN’s into your commonly used AAWP shortcodes in just one click. No more switching back and forth from Amazon to WordPress or manually searching for the product’s ASIN!

Simply click the “Copy Asin” button located on all Amazon products!

AMZTA is universal and works with all table plugins like AAWP, AmaLinksPro, AzonPress. You can use it to copy just the ASIN, to automatically add the ASIN into your shortcodes, build custom shortcodes, or add multiple ASIN’s to a list.

A Huge Time Saver

AMZ Table Assistant automatically adds ASIN’s into product box shortcodes that you frequently use. Take a look at the screenshot below – AMZTA adds “shortcode buttons” to all Amazon product listings:

Normally when you build AAWP product boxes, you first need to type out the shortcode in WordPress, then go to Amazon.com & press CTRL+F to find the ASIN, and then go back to WordPress to paste the ASIN in.

Not only is that very time consuming, but there’s a lot of room for error. You may accidentally copy a /, or you may miss a letter. And in some cases – the ASIN isn’t in the same place in the URL.

Rather than go through all that for EACH product box you build – AMZTA lets you simply copy the perfectly formatted shortcode (With the ASIN included) from the Amazon listing in just 1 click!

You build the templates, and let AMZTA pull in the ASIN and copy the shortcode to your clipboard.

How does AMZTA Work?

In order to utilize Amz Table Assistant to it’s full potential, you need a WordPress plugin like AAWP, Azonpress, or AmaLinks Pro. Otherwise – copying these shortcodes is pointless.

Background & Development

Believe it or not, AMZTA is a complex Javascript application with hundreds of lines of code. It has all kinds of features – web scraping for ASIN, custom options, custom lists, user input, etc.

To make a long story short, it took several months of tweaking and a few design iterations to get it exactly the way I wanted it.

How Does it Work?

After installing the plugin, users would go to Amazon.com and see our Default Buttons displayed on all individual product listings. These default buttons have shortcode templates added to them.

For example, in the screenshot below the ASIN is B07JK98NNQ.

If you click the Copy AzonPress button, the text copied to your clipboard is [azonpress asin="B07JK98NNQ" template="box"]

If you click the Copy AAWP Vertical Box button, the text copied to clipboard is [amazon box="B07JK98NNQ" template="vertical"]

The ASIN will change for every product listing.

On the backend, we are using our own shortcode. (Don’t worry – all you need to know is that |ASIN Value| is for 1 ASIN and |ASINS| is for multiple.) We can’t hardcode ASIN values into the buttons because each product has a unique ASIN, so we use these two simple shortcodes to make it super easy for you.

In doing this, it opens up a world of possibilities for the end user. Because now…you can create your own custom shortcode buttons or templates. Make them as simple or complex as you want!

Starting Over

At one point, I was creating tons of default buttons and hardcoding them into the application. Not only was this cumbersome for me, but it wasn’t a good experience for the user. Why should the user have to see all the different shortcode variations of AAWP if they use AmaLinksPro?

I decided to rewrite the majority of the extension from scratch. It was definitely an undertaking, but it made the extension much more scalable as we continue to add new features.

That’s when it hit us: we should only include a few default buttons for commonly used shortcodes, but then allow the user to create their own shortcode buttons or list templates.

Overall, that was a great decision and makes the plug much more flexible.


As of writing this post on 3/11/2020, we’ve implemented the following features. Feel free to check our Changelog for newer updates:


These are the buttons that show up on Amazon.com on individual products.

More info on Default Shortcode Buttons can be found here. For info on creating your own custom shortcode buttons, click here.

  • Copy Individual ASIN to clipboard
  • Added Default Shortcode buttons
  • Created Chrome Options panel
  • Created ability to turn extension on or off in Options panel
  • Added ability to create custom shortcode buttons
  • Added ability to “hide” buttons from showing up on Amazon.com, but still visible in Options panel.
  • Added syntax for AAWP, AmaLinksPro, and AzonPress into the Options. (Want nofollow? No problem! Just check the nofollow box instead of needing to remember the shortcode syntax for it)
  • Added Color Picker for custom buttons
  • Added ability to delete buttons
  • Added ability to verify Gumroad License via API calls

Lists & Grids

This was added as a tab in the Options panel. It allows you hover on ANY product from the Amazon search pages and “Append to List”. In the Tab options, you can create your own list and grid templates.

Let’s say you are planning on building a 5 product AAWP list. Typically you would need to paste the skeleton shortcode (the shortcode with no ASINs) into your blog post, and then go back and forth to Amazon five different times to get all 5 ASIN’s.

With this feature, you can simply add 5 products to a list, open AMZTA Tab Options, and then copy the perfectly formatted shortcode – with all 5 ASIN’s – to your clipboard.

More info on AMZTA Lists and Grids can be found here.

  • Added Tab to Options
  • Added ability to scrape/copy individual ASIN’s from Amazon search pages
  • Added Ability to create custom List & Grid templates using delimiter |ASINS|
  • Added ability to delete ASIN’s from ASIN List in Options
  • Added ability to delete templates

Security & Compliance

Amz Table Assistant is a very secure Chrome extension. It has passed all security checks on the Google Chrome store which is why I’m able to list it there. The extension runs locally in your browser; it doesn’t report anything back to a central server.

AMZTA does not use Amazon’s API to pull in prices or product info. Whichever wordpress plugin you already use (AAWP, Azonpress, or AmaLinksPro) already does that for you.

Does it work with Adblockers?

Yes! We’ve tested it with Adblock Plus and Ublock Origin and it works perfectly with those.

Even if you check the “Disable Javascript” option, AMZ Table Assistant will continue to work.

Advantages of using AMZTA (over other extensions)

First of all, this is the ONLY extension in the world that lets you build quick-copy shortcode buttons like this.

After testing just about every “asin grabber” extension on the Chrome Web Store, I discovered that there are NO OTHER EXTENSIONS on market that allows you grab the ASIN from both individual product pages as well as Amazon search pages.

Most of them scrape the entire page of ASIN’s, or show the ASIN – but you still have to highlight & copy yourself.

As an Amazon Affiliate, those are not what we want at all. We typically review hand-picked individual items; we don’t need a full page of ASIN’s for anything. This means that the majority of Amazon Affiliate sellers are manually finding the ASIN by pressing Control+F or searching the URL. 

Luckily, we’ve solved that problem and combined everything an Amazon Affiliate marketer would want into one extension. AMZTA is the only extension you need for building Amazon Affiliate review-style posts. I built it to solve my own problem, and I’m not just some large company trying to make money. I’m an affiliate marketer myself (just see my successful sales in my About page) and am constantly updating or improving the extension.

However, in an effort to be unbiased, I tested all of the top “Copy Asin” extensions on the Google Chrome store. Here are my thoughts on those..


PickASIN hasn’t been updated in 9 months. Even though it’s highly rated, I’d be wary of using it in knowing that development has stalled and that support is probably non-existent.

PickAsin doesn’t let you grab the asin from individual product pages. While you can use the eyedropper to select ASIN’s and add them to a list, you still have to manually insert that list into your shortcode.

Asin Grabber Light

Simply put, this extension just doesn’t work very well. It grabs ALL the asin’s from a search page.This extension is mainly meant for Amazon FBA users who are looking to analyze hundreds of products.

Amazon Asin Grabbing Tool

This is designed for people who use Woocommerce/Woozone, not for affiliate marketers. It takes entirely too many buttons clicks to copy an ASIN, and definitely doesn’t make it easy to use with wordpress plugin shortcodes.

ASINFetcher Amazon ASIN Grabber Tool

The name is sort of misleading. It grabs a list of sellers, not individual ASIN’s. There is a way to grab the asin after about 4 button clicks – but honestly, I’d rather use CTRL+F to find the asin that use this tool.

Why You Should Buy AMZ Table Assistant

Simply put, we think you are doing much work if you are manually typing the shortcodes out over and over.

AAWP and AmaLinksPro already make it easy to build product boxes using their shortcode, but tweaking the shortcode or remembering the correct syntax still takes manual work. Until now, that was the only way to do it.

Now there’s a better, faster, and more efficient way to do it. AMZ Table Assistant is the best chrome extension for Amazon Affiliate marketers because it automates a common problem and saves you time.

And I know what you’re thinking….it’s not that hard to type out a shortcode.

And you’re right. This solves a pretty small problem in the grand scope of things. But it’s definitely a pain point, especially if you hire writers and have them build your product shortcodes. (COMING SOON! Ability to export your custom buttons and send them to your writers!)

Wouldn’t it be easier to tell your writers to “Use the Copy AAWP Box” button? Not only would that speed up their writing, but it guarantees the shortcode is formatted without error.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know there’s a better way to copy and paste shortcodes, I can almost guarantee you’ll come back to purchase AMZTA.

But, if you’d like to take the leap today – I’m giving you a 30% off coupon just for reading to the end of this article. Use code amtza30 on Gumroad when purchasing the lifetime license for 30% off.

Affiliates / Bloggers: If you have an audience and would like to become an affiliate of ours, please let me know. The beauty of AMZTA is that it just sells itself; almost ALL successful Amazon Affiliate sites use AAWP or some sort of table builder plugin. Since this is universal, it should be really easy to market to your audience.

Hopefully you like it!


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