• Simplify Building Amazon Affiliate Links & Tables
  • Simplify Building Amazon Affiliate Links & Tables
  • Simplify Building Amazon Affiliate Links & Tables
  • Simplify Building Amazon Affiliate Links & Tables
  • Simplify Building Amazon Affiliate Links & Tables
  • Simplify Building Amazon Affiliate Links & Tables

Simplify Building Amazon Affiliate Links & Tables

Our extensions adds custom "buttons" to products on Amazon.com. This lets you quickly copy ASINs, append alternate affiliate tags to a URL, or automatically insert ASINs into AAWP shortcodes in just 1-click!

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Free Version

The FREE version is completely free. No product key needed! Just click the "Download for Free" button.

No more pressing CTRL+F or searching the URL to find the Amazon product ASIN.

The Copy ASIN button lets you copy any ASIN to your clipboard in just 1-click!

Have your writers download the free version to build affiliate links for you as they write. No more manually editing links or using Sitestripe!

Simply have them add your affiliate ID in the settings and click the “Copy URL & Append Affiliate ID” button!

Pro Version

Upgrade and unlock Pro features with a license key. Licenses are perpetual with no monthly subscriptions.

Automatically insert the ASIN of whatever product you are looking at into AAWP, AmaLinks Pro, or Azonpress shortcodes.

No more switching back and forth from WordPress to Amazon or manually editing each link!

Plugins like AAWP or Amalinks Pro have tons of “shortcode modifers” that can be added. Things like dark theme, nofollow, new window, no price, etc.

With Custom Shortcode Button creation, you can build as simple or complex of buttons as you’d like!

Just visit any product on Amazon and click the Copy AAWP Image, Text, or Widget buttons we’ve created for you.

No more needing to remember the correct syntax.

AMZTA also lets you add as many ASINs to a list as you want. Just search for an item on Amazon and click the Append to List button.

All of your hand-selected ASINs will be inserted into your list or grid templates!

Want to add custom titles to links, images, or product boxes?

Insert variable |Custom Title| into your custom buttons to make a window popup asking you to enter the custom title. 

With our Agency license, you can purchase a license key to send to your writers.

Simply export your configuration and have your writers import it. This helps them write posts even quicker and guarentees links and boxes are created exactly how you want them.

The simplest way to build perfectly formatted shortcodes in 1 click.

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Additional Features

Why use AMZ Table Assistant?

To stay compliant with Amazon, you have to use their Product Advertising API to display prices and product info on your website. 

Most people use plugins like AAWP or AmaLinksPro to pull in that data using simple shortcodes such as [amazon box=”AsinGoesHere”]

However, even though these plugins use shortcodes to create product boxes, you still have to manually enter in the ASIN each time you build a new box, list, grid or table!

AMZ Table Assistant saves you time and guarantees consistency. No more switching between Amazon and WordPress, no more trying to remember the correct syntax, and no more hunting for the Amazon ASIN.

In just 1 click directly from Amazon.com, you can copy a perfectly formatted shortcode – with the ASIN included and paste it into your blog.

Guarentees Consistency
Saves time; no more manually editing shortchodes

Perfect for Writers or VA's

Do you have writers?

If so, have them download the free version. They can specify your affiliate ID in the settings and insert links for you as they write. This makes onboarding and training new writers so much easier.

Simplify appending your affiliate ID to URL's
Simplify Onboarding New Writers