Some of you expressed wanting the ability to add custom titles to shortcodes.

When we say custom Custom Titles, we aren’t talking about the title of the buttons you see on Amazon.com. You can already make those whatever you want. 

I’m talking about the Product Box titles that are visible on your WordPress website.

So – in our latest update version 1.6 we made it happen! As long as you add the delimiter |Custom Title| inside your button shortcodes, you’ll be able to.

Note: This doesn’t work for Lists or Grids quite yet, but it’s on our todo list.

Here’s a short clip of how it works:

How it Works

It’s pretty simple. In the code, we’ve basically given it an If-Then statement.

If user adds |Custom Title| into the shortcode, then a box will pop up asking the user to enter the custom title. If the user doesn’t add a custom title – it uses the default Amazon title because that’s what AAWP or AmaLinks Pro pulls from the API.

In the video above, the shortcode used to create the button was [amazon box=”|ASIN Value|” title=”|Custom Title|”].

This means it will pull in unique ASIN’s for each product, but will also prompt for a custom title which is automatically added to the text copied to clipboard.

When To Use Custom Titles

Using custom titles is optional.

I prefer to use them because it really cleans up how the product boxes look. Rather than an incredible long title with too many details, you can add a title like “Best Lawnmower”.

Before and After Custom Titles

You may be thinking “Why would I want to add custom titles?”

And honestly, up until I created this extension – I was in the same boat as you. Adding custom titles required even more manual editing of shortcodes so I usually just didn’t change anything.

Adding custom titles STILL only require 1 button click! Just click the button, add the title in the popup, and press enter. Your new shortcode, with the ASIN and the custom title, is automatically copied to clipboard. 

Here’s how it changes things on WordPress:

See how much cleaner the title looks?

There’s definitely situations where it makes sense to use the default Amazon product name. But, for the most part, custom names are the way to go.

In Conclusion

Adding the delimiter |Custom Title| is a super simple, yet incredibly effective way to start using custom titles for your product boxes.

For Custom Title buttons, I create this as a brand new button. I have a Copy AAWP Box button which pulls in the Amazon-given title, but I’ll also create a AAWP Box (Custom Title) button.

That gives me the flexibility to choose either one when I write my posts. Regardless which one I choose – it’s still only button click to insert the title.

How you choose to use it it completely up to you! The important part is it’s now easier than ever to insert custom titles into your AAWP shortcodes.

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