As an Amazon Affiliate writer myself, one of the most time-consuming tasks of writing reviews is building product Lists or Grids.

There’s simply no way to accomplish it without going back and forth from Amazon to WordPress, copying 1 ASIN at a time. On top of that, if you wanted to add a custom title – you’d need to remember the correct syntax.

Not only is that time-consuming (and soul-sucking..), but there’s a lot of room for error.

What is you forget a comma? What if you didn’t copy the ASIN correctly? Which tab am I working out of again?

I think you get the picture.

What if I told you there is a better way?

Introducing AMZTA List Templates!

I’m a huge fan of automation. If I can simplify repetitive tasks, count me in. The less time I have to spend switching between tabs, the better.

Manually typing out product box shortcodes over and over – sometimes as many as 10+ boxes per post – is definitely one of repetitive tasks. And those are just for 1 ASIN! That’s why we allow you to create custom copy shortcode buttons right on Amazon.com!

What's an ASIN List?

With Update 1.5, AMZTA users can now dynamically build ASIN Lists

An ASIN List is simply a list of hand-picked ASIN’s. Just hover over an item on the Amazon search results page, and click the Append To List button. This will add the ASIN to the “Lists” tab in your Chrome options.

Adding ASIN’s to your List

First, enter your search term into the Amazon search box. For this example, we’re using “TV’s” as our term. 

Then, hover any product listing and click the Append to List button.

Next, follow the same procedure to add as many ASIN’s as you want to your list. After you’ve added all your ASIN’s to the list – it’s time to create your List & Grid template.

Note: You don’t need need to go into each individual product listing to find the ASIN. Clicking the “Append to List” pulls the ASIN from the URL and automatically adds it to your list.

Creating List Templates

In the List tab options, you’ll make use of templates

A template is basically the “bones” of the shortcode. It’s that repetitive text you manually type over and over. Instead of hardcoding things like the ASIN into the shortcode (which changes for each product), you would add our delimiter |ASINS| into your List template.

As long as |ASINS| is added to your shortcode template – AMZTA will automatically add all the ASIN’s you added to your ASIN List once you click your copy button.

Example List Template

Let’s say you added 5 ASINS to your List. You then created a template like this:

[amazon box=”|ASINS|” template=”list”]

You can then go to the AMZTA Lists tab and click the AAWP List button. All 5 asins will replace the |ASINS| delimiter. So what you are actually copying to clipboard is [amazon box=”ASIN1, ASIN2, ASIN3, ASIN4, ASIN5″ template=”list”]

These are automatically placed inside your shortcode in a comma-separated manner. Once you paste that into your WordPress site, AAWP will format it to look like this:

Speeding up & Simplifying Lists

As you can see, if you are doing your reseach on Amazon.com directly – this will be a lifesaver for you.

Just build your commonly used List Templates once. That’s it! The only thing you’ll have to do in the future is add more asin’s to your lists because that copy AAWP List button will stay in your Options.

Can you imagine never having to type out another shortcode ever again? 

Additional Features

During our quest to become the best amazon affiliate chrome extension, we had 1 goal: To help you create produc boxes, grids, list, and tables even quicker.

However, we started to realize that our AMZ Table Assistant can be used in ways we didn’t expect…

For example, you can add just |ASINS| to your List template. Once you append a bunch of ASIN’s, you can click the list copy button and you’ll copy all the ASIN’s to clipboard, comma separated. THis means AMZTA can also be used with Amazon FBA, retail arbitrage, and just about any Amazon research software.

Does this make AMZTA the best ASIN grabber tool? I think so! 

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you see the value in what AMZTA offers. We don’t call it the best amazon affiliate chrome extension for nothing!

It saves you time, prevents you from duplicating effort. And at the end of the day – it makes it easier for you to write product reviews!

If you found this review helpful, and/or have an audience that may use AAWP, AmaLinks Pro, Azonpress,or any other WordPress table plugins – send them my way! I would love to add you as an affiliate to our program. Just email [email protected] if you want to recommend it to your audience!

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