AAWP Image Only Buttons

What is an Image Button? #

An AAWP Image button is simply just an image you can added your website using a simple shortcode.

Below are some examples you can use. Image and Image_size can be changed depending on what you want.

AAWP Image (First image, large) #

[amazon fields="|ASIN Value|" value="thumb" image="1" image_size="large"]


AAWP Image (First image, medium) #

[amazon fields="|ASIN Value|" value="thumb" image="1" image_size="medium"]

AAWP Image (Custom Image position, Large) #

[amazon fields="|ASIN Value|" value="thumb" image="|Custom Title|" image_size="large"]

**In this example, you would enter a number in the onscreen pop for whichever image you want to copy. If you want the 2nd image, enter 2.**

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