AAWP Multi-Product Lists & Grid Buttons

What is a Multi-Product List? #

A multi-product list simply means the shortcode has more than 1 ASIN. You can either hover over a product from an Amazon search page (ie. – type “TV” into a search bar and click “Append to List”), or click the “Append to List” button on an individual product listing.

When building multi-product lists, any ASIN’s added using the “Add To List” option will automatically be inserted in the |ASINS| variable.

AAWP List Button #

[amazon box="|ASINS|" template="list"]

AAWP Table Button #

[amazon box="|ASINS|" template="table"]

AAWP Horizontal Grid #

[amazon box="|ASINS|" grid="4"]

Note: 4 is the number of products per row. Adjust this however you want.

AAWP Grid w/ Different Affiliate ID #

Want to add a different affiliate ID that overrides the AAWP default? This would be used for clicking tracking or A/B testing.

[amazon box="|ASINS|" grid="4" tracking_id="AltTrackingID-20"]

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