AAWP Text Link Buttons

What is a Text Link? #

A Text Link is basically a link to Amazon with your affiliate ID in it.

Why use text links over URL & Sitestripe? #

If you hire writers, it’s nearly impossible to have them insert the correct text link you for you. Text links are great because your writers can insert them for you as they write.

Standard URL (AAWP Not Needed) #

Useful for copying links on existing text. Replace the tracking ID with your own.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/|ASIN Value|?tag=amzta-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1

Standard AAWP Text Link Button #

Uses Amazon default product title.

[amazon link=”|ASIN VALUE|” link_icon=”amazon” /]

AAWP Text Link Button (Custom Title) #

Uses a custom title instead of Amazon product title. See output below.

[amazon link=”|ASIN Value|” link_title=”|Custom Title|” /]

e.g. Western Digital 1TB* (hover me)

Custom AAWP Text Link Button (alternate Affiliate ID) #

Uses product title with unique tracking ID. Replace tracking ID with your own.

[amazon link=”|ASIN VALUE|” link_icon=”amazon” tracking_id=”amzta-20″ /]

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