ASA2 Shortcode Buttons

When creating new AMZTA buttons, use:

  • |ASIN Value| This tells our extension to grab the ASIN of whatever product you are currently looking at.
  • |Custom Title| Wildcard. Use to input any value – such as image number or keyword.

Simply copy the code below into your own custom button. No changes needed.

ASA2 Product Box #

[asa2]|ASIN Value|[/asa2]

ASA2 Box (Alternate Associate ID) #

*Replace AltID-20 with an alternate Amazon Affiliate for A/B testing.

[asa2 tracking_id=”AltID-20“]B|ASIN Value|[/asa2]

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

ASA2 Title Only #

[asa2 value=”Title”]|ASIN Value|[/asa2]

ASA2 Image Only #

*This only works if the product has multiple images. The value must be a number. 0 stands for the standard image. Use 1-6 for alternate images.

[asa2 img=”2″]|ASIN Value|[/asa2]

ASA2 Keywords (Box List) #

*Create a new button with shortcode below. Enter a keyword into the Custom Box popup.

For example, in the onscreen popup I typed nintendo switch lite

[asa2_keywords limit=”3″]|Custom Title|[/asa2_keywords]

ASA2 Keywords (Grid) #

[asa2_keywords limit=”3″ tpl=”Flex_1″]|Custom Title|[/asa2_keywords]

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