Create AmaLinks Pro Showcase Box Buttons

What is a Showcase Box? #

An AmaLinks Pro Showcase Box is basically a horizontal box that can pull in Amazon photos, title, description, price, etc.

Rather than pull in each of those manually, AmaLinks Pro uses a shortcode to simplify things. The only value that needs to changed in this shortcode is the ASIN.

Creating AmaLinks Pro Showcase Buttons #

When creating new buttons, use |ASIN Value|. This tells our extension to grab the ASIN of whatever product you are currently looking at.

Simply copy the code below into your own custom button. No changes needed. Other modifers can be found on the AmaLinks Pro website.

Basic Product Showcase Box #

[amalinkspro_autoshowcase asin=”|ASIN Value|” /]

Product Showcase + No Follow + New Window #

[amalinkspro_autoshowcase asin=”|ASIN Value|” new-window=”true” nofollow=”true” /]

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