Default Button Templates

What are Default Buttons? #

Default Button Templates are the shortcode templates we’ve created for you located in the Buttons tab.

These are the most-commonly used shortcodes for AAWP, AzonPress, AmaLinks Pro, and ASA2.

If you accidentally delete your buttons, you can either reinstall the extension or refer to this page to rebuild them.

Buttons tab #

Copy ASIN #

|ASIN Value|

AAWP Text Link #

[amazon link=”|ASIN Value|” /]

Copy AAWP Vertical Box #

[amazon box=|ASIN Value| template=”vertical”]

AAWP Box #

[amazon box=|ASIN Value|]

Azonpress Box #

[azonpress asin=”|ASIN Value|” template=”box”]

AmaLinksPro Product Box #

[amalinkspro_autoshowcase asin=”|ASIN Value|” /]

AAWP Large Image #

[amazon fields=”|ASIN Value|” value=”thumb” image=”1″ image_size=”large”]

AAWP Box (Custom Title) #

[amazon box=”|ASIN Value|” title=”|Custom Title|”]

Copy URL & Append Affiliate ID #|ASIN Value|2?tag=|Affiliate ID|

ASA2 Product Box #

[asa2]|ASIN Value|[/asa2]

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