Shortcode Variables

What is a Shortcode Variable? #

A shortcode variable is a snippet of text that can pull in unique values.

We use several variables in our extension.

  • |ASIN| = 1 ASIN
  • |ASINS| = multiple ASINs
  • |Custom Title| = wildcard (accepts any text) Primarily used for custom titles.
  • |Affiliate ID| = Alternate affiliate ID used.


For use in the Buttons tab.

|ASIN Value|


For use in the Lists & Grids tab.

Whenever you add ASIN’s to the ASIN List using the “Append to List” option, the variable |ASINS| will use all of your hand-picked ASINs.


Custom Title #

For use in either Buttons or Lists & Grids tab.

|Custom Title| can only be used once per button.

|Custom Title|

Affiliate ID #

For use in either Buttons or Lists and Grids tab.

If using |Affiliate ID| in your shortcode buttons, this overrides the default AAWP affiliate ID. Great for A/B testing or having writers add affiliate links for you.

|Affiliate ID|

Limitations of Variables #

The Custom Title variable can only be used once per shortcode button.

However, since |Custom Title| sends a browser popup asking you to enter text, it can technically be used for anything – numbers, a custom description, bestseller, category, etc. It doesn’t need to be used for just adding custom titles.

More variables will be added in a future update, but for now – you can only use one |Custom Title| variable per button.

Bad Example #

[amazon box=”|ASINS|” template=”|Custom Title|” title=”|Custom Title|”]

Good Example #

[amazon box=”|ASINS|” template=”list” title=”|Custom Title|”]

Workaround #

To offset this limitation, you can create multiple buttons with different hardcoded values.

[amazon box=”|ASINS|” template=”list” title=”|Custom Title|”]
[amazon box=”|ASINS|” template=”grid” title=”|Custom Title|”]


Copy AAWP Image Only Buttons #

1. [amazon fields=”|ASIN Value|” value=”thumb” image=”1″ image_size=”|Custom Title|”]
2. [amazon fields=”|ASIN Value|” value=”thumb” image=”|Custom Title|” image_size=”medium”]

**Example 1: You would enter a number in the onscreen pop to specify if you want the image size to be small, medium, large**
**Example 2: You would enter a number in the onscreen popup for whichever image you want to copy.**

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