What features does AMZTA offer?

With AMZ Table Assistant, you can:

  • Copy Amazon ASIN’s in 1-click
  • Copy default shortcodes for AAWP, AmaLinksPro, or AzonPress
  • Create unlimited new shortcode buttons, making them as complex as you want.
  • Hide buttons in Options panel
  • Delete buttons
  • Customize button colors
  • Turn the extension on or off from Options panel
  • Add hand-picked ASIN’s to a list from an Amazon search page or individual listing page
  • Create Text link buttons
  • Create Image Link buttons
  • Import/Export button configurations and send to designers.
  • 25-user license key available; share it with all of your writing staff to let them insert ASIN’s as they write

Use the default shortcodes we provide – or create as many new ones as you want. You can even create Amazon text links!

For a full list of features, check out our latest blog post: https://amztableassistant.com/introducing-amz-table-assistant/

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